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Gothic Style is All About Layers

If you love mixing and matching various accessories and layers in your home, gothic style may be for you. "To me, layers of texture, antique furniture, vintage oddities, and curiosity pieces all layered in maximalist heaven," Lady Vamp comments. "More is more is my motto."

Lady Vamp explains her own approach to layering at home. "I love creating vignettes that tell a little story and make you feel something even if that’s uncomfortable, and there’s always something to look at," she shares. She also prefers to stick to a neutral color palette, noting, "Black forms the basis of our color palette, mixed with natural wood, oranges, browns, bone cream, sepia, and gold touches."

Gothic-style homes may also contain Persian-style rugs on the floor and of course mood lighting and candles. "Never underestimate the power of lighting to give you that moody, gothic feel," Lady Vamp says.

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